When it comes to equipping the inside of your shipping container with functional modifications, we’ve got the basics, and more, covered. These modifications are designed to enhance the usefulness and ease of usage of the container. They are ideal for storage containers, job site offices, job site storage, commercial container storage and industrial applications as well. Some of the container modification options that we offer include the following:

– Windows are a great option that enhances visibility to the outside of the container. In container office applications, the windows increase visibility to the job site and allow for effective supervision of staff. The windows also provide a quick view of the contents inside the container in case a particular item is being searched for. To protect the glass, shipping container windows can be equipped with a metal grate to protect them from debris and other items that could damage them.

– Insulation helps control temperature changes inside the container. It provides comfort in a job site application and it reduces large spikes or drops in temperature when storing temperature-sensitive items. We offer several insulation options including spray foam urethane and panelling. These options vary in temperature-control effectiveness and price.

– Ventilation allows air to circulate through the inside of the container and helps control the humidity and condensation inside. There are choices for standard container vents, custom sized vents and even motorized vents. Larger ventilation solutions are available depending on the specific application.

– Electrical installations add a ton of functionality by powering up the container. They add in lighting, heating and cooling and electrical outlets to allow various tools and appliances to function.

– Partition walls are great for creating custom storage spaces within the container, especially in industrial and commercial storage applications. The partition walls and custom roll-up doors / garage doors can be installed to split larger containers (ie. 40’ containers) into 2 or more custom, individual storge spaces.

– Our team can add a degree of customization to the floor of the container as well. We can change the finish of the standard container floor to have anti-slip protection and a cleaner appearance. We can also entirely change the flooring by installing a retention pan to contain spills and collect liquids draining during storage.

– Custom shelving comes in a variety of options as well. We can build custom metal shelving or we can install more common Insta shelving kits. The Insta kits can be as simple as metal brackets and wooden planks or as fancy as pipe rack storage systems specific for pipe holding and storage.

Hopefully the examples above give you some inspiration as to how you can customize the interior of your shipping container. Our team can assist with any questions you have or information you may need, so please reach out to us about any project ideas you have in mind. Our phone number Is 1 866 846 0270. Please also visit our website for more details: ATS Conteneurs

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