One of the newest additions to our shipping container fleet is the new 20’ Econo Box mobile office. This new container is a multipurpose and economical mobile office container built out of a 20’ sea can. This modified shipping container is perfect for job sites and construction sites due to its small footprint and stack-ability. It has a number of features that are beneficial to job sites including a large window, access door, heating and lighting.

Unlike our 20’ job boxes which are built with new shipping containers, the 20’ Econo Box is built out of a used 20’ ISO shipping container. As with most used containers, some dents may be visible. The container surface is prepped, primered and painted with low VOC, water-based paint. All Econo Boxes are painted a light gray paint that allows for a clean and neutral appearance within the job site.

In terms of accessibility, these units have had their OEM container doors welded shut for insulation purposes. Access is instead available through an industrial steel man door with a complete weather-stripping kit and a 4-piece welded frame. The door allows for ground-level access and removes the need for stair rental as is commonly required for traditional mobile offices. Inside, the container is insulated with 2” of spray foam closed-cell urethane on the walls, ceiling and floor to give this office excellent temperature control abilities. The interior walls are then finished with ½” of select grade plywood that are easy to maintain.

To enhance accessibility and viewing of the job site, a large PVC window is built into the wall of the container (sized 46”W x 43”H). To enhance comfort and functionality an electrical kit, a 6,000BTU air conditioning unit, 2 x 4’ fluorescent light strips and 1 x 2000watt baseboard heater are built into the container as well.

The 20’ Econo Box is an affordable alternative to our standard 20’ Job Box. It is an excellent addition to most job sites as it can provide a centralized meeting point for foremen and their crew. For more information about these containers, please reach us by email at For more information about our container lineup, please visit our website at

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