From our beginnings as a single acre yard maximum over 25 years ago to one of the largest suppliers of mobile storage and shipping container solutions in our locations, today, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. Our reputation depends on it.


Order shipping containers knows mobile storage.

In operations since 1989-04-12, the Company has been a pioneer in shipping containers long before the establishment of the industry itself.

With operations from coast to coast, we are one of the largest suppliers of shipping containers in BELGIUM,CANADA,USA, AUSSTRALIA AND UK.


Whether to rent, buy or modify, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction with every transaction.

Our reputation depends on it.


  • Largest container provider in BELGIUM, CANADA,USA, AUSTRALIA & UK
  • Competitive pricing
    Given our extensive network, we purchase significant quantities of equipment both domestically and internationally to consistently provide our customers with the lowest price possible
  • Extensive inventory
    Order shipping containers  maintains substantial quantities of inventory to ensure we can always find the right solution for our customer needs. This translates to a vast range of container types and sizes on hand
  • Specialized modification team
    Our highly experienced team is dedicated to creating practical, cost effective designs while ensuring their knowledge of the shipping container fit our customer needs.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Our reputation speaks for itself. Client satisfaction is high because of our dedication to providing a quality product at the lowest price possible.
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